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  Mechus   MECHUS

Mechus is an Italian manufacturer of industrial weighing systems with which we started working since 2015 especially in the distribution of vehicle weighbridges but also of other industrial weighing systems. We are pleased to represent the company Mechus in Romania as the unique distributor of industrial weighing equipments produced by the company. Mechus company has a vast experience in weighing systems which ensure a high quality of their equipments.

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  Ravas   RAVAS

Starting with the second half of 2010 we are pleased to be the authorized importer of Ravas for romanian and moldavian market. Ravas has the headquarters in the Netherlands and it is the industry leader in the field of dynamic weighing. As a result of this partnership we distribute on the market weighing pallet trucks, weighing systems for forklifts trucks, scales for warehouse pallet trucks and solutions that are based on these equipment and software solutions provided by Ravas.


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  Kern & Sohn   KERN & SOHN

Since 2007 we have established the collaboration with german company Kern & Sohn for distributing on romanian market the entire range of weighing equipments like laboratory scales, test weights, singlepoint and industrial platforms, painted metal or stainless steel, medical scales, crane scales, price computing scales, pallet scales, counting scales and also the measurement instruments and optical equipment - microscopes and accessories.


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  Dini Argeo   DINI ARGEO

Right over our development in the field of industrial weighing systems we started working with Dini Argeo, a leading manufacturer of weighing equipment in Europe. Most equipments made by Dini Argeo are industrial equipment, such as cranescales, pallet sales, platform scales, load cells, a large range of weighing indicators, axel by axel weighing equipments, price computing scales, counting scales, bench scales and also atex weighing equipments.

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The need to expand our product portfolio led us to start the collaboration with Zemic company since 2013, whose headquarters is in the Netherlands and that allowed us to expand our product range with almost all types of load cells available on the market, as as torsion load cells, compression load cells, double torsion load cells, bending load cells, off center load cells, tension-type column load cells and also with the range of the accessories necessary for the installation in configrations of different weighing systems.

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  Sensocar   SENSOCAR

Because there were certain projects that require special weighing equipments, in 2013 we started working with the company Sensocar from Spain that produce a wide range of load cells, junction boxes, weight indications, additional displays and accessories necessary to made weighing systems. The quality of the equipment has convince us to create unique solutions without any doubt regarding the functionality of the systems still from the moment of planning.

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    Nemesis   NEMESIS  

Starting with 2017, we have set up a new partnership to expand our product portfolio, establishing a new relationship with one of Europe's leading manufacturers of equipment for dynamic weighing, Nemesis company. Nemesis is a company founded in Italy since 1976 as a family business specialized in customized and tailor-made solutions for every kind of application, with a technology always at the state of the arts. Since over 40 years NEMESIS means top tier quality, durability and innovation.

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  Cy Pag   CY PAG

Also since 2013, having already large portfolio of users forklift trucks,we put the first bases of the collaboration with the company Cy Pag from Italy in terms of distribution in Romania of an innovative product, an active system once installed on a forklift truck facilitates the detection of any obstacles that may arise on its path and even limit the speed or stop the forklift truck in case of accident risks because lack of vision or driver inattention.

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    LCM Systems   LCM SYSTEMS  

Since 2016 we established a new partnership. LCM Systems Ltd specialises in load measurement solutions that are utilised in many different industries worldwide. Established in 1984 to provide the yachting industry with precision load cells and readout systems, the company has grown rapidly, and now provides engineering and design expertise to market sectors including oil & gas, civl engineering, marine & offshore, aerospace, heavy lifting and process engineering.

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