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About us
  We are a privately owned company founded in 2005 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania and have as main activity the developing and marketing of industrial weighing solutions based on equipment manufactured by companies that are market leaders in the field.  
  Over the years, during the developing of the company, we closed partnerships with companies from Europe, manufacturers of electronic equipments, mainly in the field of weighing solutions and we succeeded with every new partnership to complete our product portfolio with a new range of products manufactured at high quality.  
  Our partners are:  
  • Tassinari Bilance: weighbridges, reail bridges, platforms scales, indicators  
  • Ravas:weighing hand pallet truck, fork lift trucks weighing forks, scales for warehouse pallet trucks  
  • Kern&Sohn: comercial scales, precision and analytical balances, crane and hanging scales, bench scales, pocket scales, medical scales, test weights, industrial weighing platforms from painted or stainless steel, weight indicators, software etc.  
  • Dini Argeo: platform scales, crane scales, pallet scales, beam scales, load cells, weight indicators, atex weighing equipments, software  
  • Zemic: load cells and accessories  
  • Sensocar:load cells and accessories, weight indicators, remote displays and repeaters  
  • Cy Pag: safety sistems for fork lift trucks  
  ISO Certificate Starting from the second half of 2009 our activities are carried out respecting the quality standards of ISO 9001 quality management certification was registered under the number 38035.